May 25th, 2023


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It’s hard to fathom how anyone could be as excited about health & safety as our new starter, Janine Looby is – but it is true. What could be perceived as a dry and somewhat trite topic for some, is Janine’s ultimate passion. If anyone can tackle life with as much gusto and enthusiasm as Janine does to health, safety and the environment, there would never be a dull moment. 

In recent months, Schlam welcomed newcomer, Janine, to serve as our HSE Advisor for the People Solutions division. In such a short time, so much has been achieved. 

This unequivocally zealous, caring and larger-than-life woman is no stranger to the mining sector. Having served over 20 years within the resources sector, Janine is well accustomed to the FIFO-life. Now settling into a city-based job, and a far different pace, Janine has adapted to the change of scenery extremely well. 

“When you are welcomed to a new company in the way that I was the transition is very easy. We have a leader and team who inspire and empower, plus support and encourage team events”. 

When asked about why she is so enthusiastic about HSE, it’s undeniable that her many years of being a Registered Nurse in some of WA’s top hospitals have set the foundations for a noteworthy career. 

“I’ve been blessed with a fruitful career with many options’ forthcoming. I have enjoyed the excitement of emergency nursing and occupational health in a variety of remote settings (surface, underground mining, offshore) and was the nurse for a summer camp in America."

"Behavioural science and humans in general have always interested me and that is how a career in HSE has developed. Working with people is my passion and a healthy working culture is my goal.” Janine said. 

What is certainly true, is that her approach to employee safety and well-being is genuine and sincere, and her ambitions to make an impact on Schlam employees and their attitude to their own health will be eagerly embraced. 

“By embracing communication and consultation at every level, for every change and decision is the key to a fun and engaging community”. Janine shares. 

Schlam takes safety seriously, so seriously in fact, that it's a prominent part of our core ideology “Everyone Goes Home – nothing is more important”. As part of Schlam’s commitment to safety, and as a large part of Janine’s role at Schlam is to ensure our workforce is given all the tools necessary to ensure this is so. 

Janine has also seen a big shift in the attitude towards safety in recent years and is thrilled to be a part of a new era of HSE. 

“It is pleasing to see the importance of psychosocial wellbeing having a prominent focus with large companies”. I’ve witnessed a definite shift in HSE focus.” Janine said. 

Moreover, her passion outside of work extends far and wide – especially when it comes to her love of dogs. 

“I love travelling to experience different cultures, see waterfalls, scuba dive and tick off items on my bucket list. My little silky terrier has helped me return to city life” she adds. 

One thing is for sure, Janine’s commitment, dedication and expertise are exactly what we need, and we couldn’t be more excited for Janine to call Schlam home. 

Welcome aboard Janine!



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